Thursday, May 31, 2007

What does FADA mean?

FADA is an acronym in the Irish language and stands for the following:

Fuinneamh An DĂșchais Againn

(the Vigour of what’s Native is Ours), implying confidence in the strength of what is local (to one’s place) and innate (to our human nature).

FADA - Local Sustainability Network in Kildare (Ireland): Welcome

The FADA website detailing current projects, news, website links and up and coming events can be found at

Monday, May 28, 2007


Welcome to the FADA blog site.

We hope to use this site as a discussion forum for FADA members and for non-FADA members but first, a little bit about us:

FADA was set up by volunteers, mostly from Co Kildare (Ireland) in June 2006 and is dedicated to promoting awareness on many global issues that affect us all such as Peak Oil and Climate Change. We are concerned with sustainable living and the re-kindling of community spirit. FADA is not merely an environmental/green group. We believe that sustainable living applies not just to the people who live in our communities but also to local businesses. It is our belief that in order to become competitive, businesses will have to become less dependent on fossil fuels such as oil and gas. FADA is an inclusive voluntary group and is not affiliated with any relgious or political group.

We hope that this blog site will of interest to anyone worried about the global issues that affect us all in our daily lives. It is by discussing these problems that we can arrive at local solutions to global problems.